3 Ways To Punch Up Your Boxing Skills


So you joined a boxing gym, and you love it. And now you’re really into it, and you’re looking for ways to improve and hone in on this new obsession. Maybe you’re thinking of getting in the ring, or perhaps you want to do it for yourself. Either way, there are more than a couple of things that can help.


The first thing to look into is personal training sessions. Our professionally trained coaches can help in multiple areas like strength, agility, and nutrition. They can set you on a clear path to attain your goals, and you can bet you’ll see changes. Once you become stronger and quicker, that energy will transfer over to your boxing classes. Prepare to be in the best shape of your life!


Besides the overall body workout, focus mitts are a ton of fun and one of the best ways to improve technique. Mitts help you with the timing and accuracy of punches, footwork, and offensive and defensive moves(and so much more). If you’re a newbie, these sessions are highly recommended. 

The most remarkable thing about mitts is that it simulates what it’s like to face an opponent. If you’re planning on taking your skills to the ring, this is a significant starting point. Don’t let the fun fool you, though. Get ready to learn, sweat, and burn some calories with this rigorous workout.


OK! Don’t freak out about this one. Sparring is nothing like the film you have playing in your head at this very moment. It might seem scary at first, but once you get in the ring with a professional, you’ll understand. When you spar, you’re not hitting as hard as you do on a heavy bag. It’s all about finding your rhythm and getting a real-life look at facing an opponent. 


Much like focus mitts, you’ll improve in accuracy, endurance and timing. You’ll also learn about distance and footwork, all in the comfort of a controlled environment.


If you choose one of the above, or all three (recommended), each of these extras provides you with new skills that transfer into your boxing routine. Keep in mind that your ‘why’ is extremely important and yours alone. You don’t have to be training to compete to do any of these activities. Whatever your reason, our trainers are ready to teach- so get ready to learn!


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