4 Tips For Taking Care Of Your Eyelash Extensions

4 Tips For Taking Care Of Your Eyelash Extensions


So, you got yourself some eyelash extensions, and now you’re wondering about upkeep. After all, you probably spent a pretty penny on these lashes, and investing in such a great addition to your facial features is an exciting adventure. No wonder you’re anxious to learn how to take care of them. However, there are some things you can do to keep your luscious lashes intact before your refill appointment. 



The first thing to remember is that it takes the glue a couple of days to form proper bonding, and you can start the washing process 48 hours after your application. After that time has elapsed, you want to wash them every 2-3 days. There are a plethora of cleansers to choose from, so be sure that the one you pick is safe for your lashes. A good rule of thumb is to avoid products that are heavy on oils. Cleansers like micellar and distilled water are ok to use too.  


To wash correctly, take a spoolie or a soft-bristled brush and gently brush on the cleanser, then rinse. If you have any questions regarding cleansing products or washing techniques, feel free to reach out to your lash tech, they have a wealth of information on the subject. 



You might not think this one is a big deal, but it’s the one step that will keep your lashes looking new until your next fill. However, that’s not the only reason this step is essential. By brushing them at least once a day, you’re helping to remove all of the grimy elements that settle on them, like dust, pollen, oils, and leftover make-up. When brushing, be sure to use a clean brush or spoolie, and brush from the middle to the tip. Making this a part of your daily routine helps in so many ways and is a step in the aftercare you don’t want to skip. 



This is a tough one, especially if you have seasonal allergies. Sometimes, our hands go to our faces without even thinking. If you’re a lash extension newbie, your new lashes will initially feel awkward, and it’ll take a couple of days to get used to them. You will get the urge to feel, touch, or pick at them, but try hard to avoid touching. Being cognisant of this is half of the battle, but practicing not rubbing or picking at your new addition will help keep your lashes looking long and fabulous. 



Now that you have your lashes, there’s no need to use mascara. However, some people do. Some lash techs will advise against the use, and some will tell you to make sure and get the non-waterproof. Essence Skin Therapy Institute strongly suggests not using any mascara at all, and here’s why. Using mascara (any kind) breaks the bond that holds the extensions on your natural lashes and will lessen the life before your refill. In other words, you’ll see shedding much earlier than necessary. It’s the same for lash curlers, except your not breaking the bond; you’re pulling them off, which can damage your natural lashes. 

Lash extensions are an investment, and you must follow these guidelines for maximum results. There’s no more significant disappointment than having your lashes on for a couple of days and then seeing them shed quickly. However, if you put these things into practice and make them a part of your daily routine, your lashes will last longer. As always, if you have any questions at all, please reach out to your lash tech; they are always willing to help. 



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