Traveling Through Pages in a Book

Let’s take a trip somewhere nice. Maybe a snow-covered winter wonderland full of quiet life sleeping under soft snow blankets. A tropical paradise of untold treasures under the waves of the ocean and the people. A sun-kissed plain with a horizon that stretches to no end and clear blue skies. Where shall we go? I want to travel the world and immerse myself in cultures that I have not yet experienced. Greet strangers and make connections to last a lifetime. I want to hold hands with friends and walk down streets older than the cities themselves and get lost in the history of it all.

So, let’s take a trip and dive into crystal clear lakes and oceans, climb up sepia-toned walls of rock in the deserts, fly down pure white powdered mountains and feel the rush of the wind. Let’s travel the dark underways and find treasures that have never seen the light of day. I want to ride upon the backs of great big animals and swim among the most magnificent and dangerous sea creatures. Help me protect the wilds of the world so that we may always have a mystery to discover and unfold for generations to come.

I want to speak languages, not just words, but gestures too. I want to be amongst the locals and encapsulate my every being into their world. Let me talk to the elders and learn what life was like and the lessons they have to share. What about the countless dialects and how they came to be; who speaks what, why, and how? Where do they live, and what do they call the land they cultivate and cherish? Let’s walk amongst the concrete jungles of the world and find the languages hidden amongst our neighbors.

Play me music only your grandfathers remember, sing me songs only your grandmothers can sing. Why do some instruments have three strings and some have none? How does your culture make that sound with effortless twists of the wrists? Please show me your lives through music and the stories they tell. Play the notes that convey sadness and the chords that bring tears of happiness to my eyes. Travel the range of sound through voices that send shivers up my spine. Let me see the world through my ears and travel the years through listening alone.

Let me learn to cook like the locals and place the luxuries of life upon my lap, compiled into a book of recipes yet unknown to the world. I want to taste my way through countries and towns. Introduce me to what the local cuisine is like and how the rest of the world interprets them. What do children grow up on and weave into their memories? What do adults remember when they feast upon meals made hundreds of years ago? How are pans used in every corner of the world, and what kind of fire burns under their weight? How do you stir your stew, mix your pots, and whisk your bowls? I want to travel the world one plate at a time.

So, let’s take a trip, just you and me. To the outer reaches of the world and beyond. To the most profound depths and the highest peaks. Let’s explore our minds and expand our thoughts with the knowledge and lessons people have collected over eons. Let’s have an adventure only you and I will remember and share the experiences, but keep the feelings to ourselves. Let’s travel the universe, the deep blue seas, and the unfathomable depths of our souls. But, since I’m stuck inside, let me travel upon the vessel that starts at my fingertips.


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