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Jonathan is a Freelance Writer. Work skills include: Creative Writing, Copywriting, Poetry, and Fiction Writing. BFA Creative Writing For Entertainment, Full Sail University.

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About the Writer

Greetings! I am a freelance writer and storyteller. I've written articles on Medium and have experience with blog posts. I am a burgeoning writer looking to cut my teeth in the field of Copywriting and Marketing. If you're looking for a writer with an attention to detail and experience with research, but trying to keep costs below average hire me and let's grow our businesses together.

Service Offerings & Plans

Take a look at the various services offered.


If you can dream it, I can write it. We have a wide array of talents and can pretty much write up anything you need.


If you can dream it, I can write it. We have a wide array of talents and can pretty much write up anything you need.

Blog Posts

We understand the best in structure for how to write a blog post. We use best practices optimized for online readers.

Book Writing

You have an interesting story. We are story writers! We would love to discuss your book idea and how we can help.

Copy Writing

Copy writing has evolved. We specialize in writing copy that is optimized for both print and web.

Display Ads

We know how to write ad copy that converts. We can write copy to help your display ads stand out.

Direct Mail

Mailers are still an effective way to reach customers... as long as they have good copy. We can help.


We have a team that can write effective eBooks that both can tell a story and help people learn in a structured way.


Infographics can be one of the most effective ways of explaining a broad concept. Our writing can help you nail it.

Landing Pages

There is an art to landing page copy. Luckily we know how to write effective landing page copy.

Press Releases

We understand how to write effective press release copy that conforms with the standard structure.

Script Writing

We all love a good story and even more so a good move. Our script writing can help you tell your story in an innovative way.

Search Ads

Writing Search Ads is an art. It is also a precise process. We understand how to write ads that convert.

SEO Copy

SEO is constantly evolving. Luckily we understand how to write SEO copy that is both well written and effective.

Social Media Posts

There is an art to keeping your audience engaged. We can write posts that will keep your existing followers and build new ones.

Proofreading & Editing

It always sounds better when you write it. We proofread and edit your existing work to make sure its consistent and professional.

White Papers

White Papers can be one of the most effective ways to explain a complicated topic in a concise way. We can help.


We are in the process of updating our portolio.

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